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Never lose count

It's not that counting is hard. The problem is that losing count is easier. Let Tallymander help you keep track. Create Counters to track anything—habits, inventory, game scores—you name it.

Add Calculators to analyze your counts. Set up your math once and watch totals recalculate instantly as your Counters change.

People use Tallymander for:

  • Generating price estimates
  • Gathering laboratory data
  • Scoring tabletop games
  • Tracking athletic statistics
  • Reporting nightly inventory
  • ...and much more!

Let the computer do the work

With Calculators, you can set up multi-step equations to analyze your data. All the power of automatic spreadsheet math, made comfortable for a small screen.

Build Calculators step-by-step
Common operations are created automatically, available as inputs to your Calculators

Make it yours

Customize your Counters and Calculators. Each come with knobs and settings to let you match them to any job.

Change Counter behavior and appearance
Format Calculator output according to your needs

With more to come

Tallymander is just getting started. Treat this as a plan, not a promise—all roadmap items subject to change.