No creepy stuff. Promise.

Tallymander doesn't have access to any of your personal information. Tallymander has no surveillance technology built in. All your data is stored locally on your device, and only leaves when you choose to share it (or as part of your device backups).

None of your behavior in Tallymander is tracked. There are no analytics tools embedded in the software, and none of your activities are analyzed or reported back anywhere else. This leaves me with a little less information about how people use Tallymander. Reach out to with your feedback.

Like all iOS apps, basic usage data, including installation, launches and deletions are available to the developer. None of this is personally identifiable.

Tallymander uses a third-party service, RevenueCat, to verify subscriptions and facilitate activation and restoration of Tallymander+. While this includes cryptographic transaction information—secure proof from the App Store of your purchase—no personally identifiable information is included as part of this verification.